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Our Philosophy

~ Transparent pricing, wines priced within market means. Good news is much of the time prices go up as they're wines that have limited distributions within Bay Area California, this means inadvertently they may rise from $30USD up to $50USD at times just because they run out. We do not pick wines based on this metric it's just an effect that we call the palate effect, its darn good wine and limited so people go online to get it shipped asap but it's rare.

~ no rebottling of cheap(value, bulk, surplus) wine to get higher margins

~ wines are picked anti point system. Yes they may be 89, 94, or even 100. Our algorithms don't use this scale in actually rating and picking a wine though. We don't think you should care about the 1 day earlier of snowfall that year that makes it a 95 vs a 96. That being said inadvertently a year of wine may be picked because that year was amazing in tastings versus other years, we just don't like these frameworks because we've had 98+ pts that left us craving some vin de table.

~ Gut, we go for what turns us into a glutton and what makes the wine in the glass disappear, not brands points or what "should" pair with food according to encyclopedias.

~ We love to have bougie branding as we're being satirical on how wine is seen as so high end yet it's just grapes that are left alone for awhile then drank to cope with existence.

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