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We've joined a bunch on wine clubs, in fact if you asked us if we knew that more wine clubs were going to be made, we'd colloquially probably remark ew it's so saturated and most suck.

The truth is most don't suck, lots are great. Lots are fun. Lots are worth joining. Some are great value but most are a little undervalued. This is because as a wine club or any company that transports goods, there's intrinsic costs like shipping, packaging, wrap to protect bottles popping prematurely.

It's simple math, how can a company get profitable in shipping you wine when it's 15 dollars to ship a few bottles, packaging, and the wine itself and still make on OK margin? This is excluding any advertising or marketing costs to actually convince you to make it work?

This is very difficult. Due to this some brands have sacrificed in certain ways to make solvency possible.

One method is buying third party grapes and sipmly bottling it in some warby parker , refinery 29 esque type way so this couple dollars of juice looks worth 35 dollars because the label is called something like SOMA JUICE.

We counter this on simply doing the best wine and curtions and not being hacks. Do you really think it's logistically feasible for a third parter wine brought in with an unknown winemaker will compete with decades old experience bottles for roughly the same costs? You're welcome to try, but we prefer the full on artisans who don't focus on a more efficient wine sales funnel.

You have to do things that don't scale in life. Whether it's dealing with the IRS, getting a wine license, grinding at making this darn website, writing copy, there are some things you just can't dodge. Wine is one of those. You can get pretty good wine juice and throw it in a bottle. But it truly takes winemakers doing hard one off work with some attitude and a bit of irrationality to make wine with the character and absurdity that we seek.

Winecoon is a reflection of that philosophy. A bit asynchronous, a bit odd bred, no Sommelier pin, no working at a winery for 50 years, no 89 90 99 100 point wines. Because your palate isn't base 100.

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