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Wine Trends 2018

Apr 29, 2018

These are some of the trends we're seeing in the wine world, on menus in San Francisco, and in the wine industry at large.  Take it as you will, some are smart and wise and others are due to varietal experiments in a new world terrior.  For whatever reason things are certainly getting more interesting and ecclectic.


Riesling wideley known German wine that is a Somme favorite due to its pairing with food. An amazing food wine due to it's acidity. A touch sweet on some of the wines, also some petrol and stone fruit and citrus like lime, peach, apple, pear make this wine interesting and fun and pairs great with ethnic cuisine such as carne asada tacos and pad thai.

Cabernet Franc
When people say Cab it almost always means Sauvignon. Soon you may have to be lessabstract and more precise in your wine detailing. Savory dry pepper Cab Franc is here more and more to stay. Look as more restaurants have this grape by the glass and recommended with the entres like lamb.

Saignee Rose

More and more we're seeing Saignee method usage on Roses due to its intense flavor. One of our Champagnes Jean Vesselle uses this method of pressing the grapes. It creates a less acidic, more powerful rose then traditional style of rose. not as crisp with the acidity but fun and like a really light red almost.  Very fun style.


The tart and cherry by this puckering grape Carignan is another trendy grape. More is being planted like Cab Franc in California and the Pacific North West. We're seeing this varietal all over wine lists and paris amazing ly with small plates. Also a lower profile we're seeing it replace pinot noiras a light intriguing red with a bit more pucker and sharpness.

Kegs, Cans, non Bottle format.

A huge rise in companies like Archer Roose where they are canning, boxing wines and kegs for bars for their happy hour tap of wine.  This is great for a tase of wine before you buy without having the bar have to open a new bottle for someone not to like it and not but the glass leaving the opened wine to oxidize without revenue.  Also with the younger crowds of drinkers we think its cool to have nice without pretention (winecoon philosophy) so great wine in a can can be done and we love it. Especially for those who like to party, hike, camp, etc without the glass bottle!  

Pétillant Naturel

Actually the OG champagne as was done historically before the method traditional. More yeasty, raw, we call it Kombucha wine.  Good priobotics and the fuzzy wine at the same time.  These are fun drinkers especially with foods that pair with its funkyness.

Native, wild yeasts, open air fermentation. Biodynamic.

Funky is the new funky cool.  Yes gamey wild yeasts adding more to the wine is a new trend.  We're seeing more funky wild out of control wines where they're "dirty" and not cleaned adding some spunk.  We're also seeing biodynamic wines which are organic wines but with a sort of a spiritual science added to the grapes being grown.(prayers, animals planted in with soil) these are wines that give back to the soil and take nothing from it and are truly karmic free wines and organic at the same time.  These are hard to scale and probably very small batch wines from hip spots, think Oregon, Washington, Sonoma.

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