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Why we Love Turley Zinfandel

Its jammy, alive, thick, from all over california, pairs with hardcore things like a gaucho steak, grass fed ribeye from stemple creek or bn ranch or 5 dot. It doesn't drink but you don't eat it, its this sort of gelatinous structure of firepower meets fruit. It's an entire plot of fruit trees and berrys sort of somehow extracted and compressed into this little container that someone deemed in the past should be 750ml. Clearly they got sizing wrong on that because although you can't continue due to zin's high alcohol levels, you could easily drink several bottles just from the flavor if that didn't stop you.

Here's really why on a more pragmatic reason from a romantic take. It retains a nuiance and complexity of a wine made to slaughter 95+ pts unintentionally, yet is a slutty zealous jammy primitivo grape. You can tell points aren't the goal of the winemaker. You can tell they are slightly nihilist. This level of don't give a is exactly what it takes to be good at anything. Turley succeeds this time and again. They are hyper consistent over years yet still have this soul. We don't know the story of the expat from frog's leap but one things certain there was a irrational love of zin and it truly shows all these years later it hasn't dwindled. Clearly someone rides motorcycles.

P.S. email Turley for us! They don't let us sell online only to restaurants and brick and mortars. People grilling at home need your juice Turley!

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