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Why we love jammy zin and these "espresso" of new world

Wow, one of my favorite epiphanies in drinking grape jus was one time when I was at my friends place with some Midnight Moon Gouda and he coravined some Turley Zinfandel for us to pair with the fromage. I remember lighting up like a kid at christmas. This wasn't wine this was like eating wine. It was dry, but almost tasted sugary due to the intense compact fruit that I've heard so many get wrong about. It's not sugary, its just so much flavor it gives it that sensation. That's the beauty though, if it tastes like sugar to you then it's sugar, at least that's our philosophy at Winecoon. Who are we to "TELL" you. That's why we're the anti somme to a degree. Yes they discourse day in and night, and what they do is certainly Kaizen. Yet what is kaizen without acknowledging certain flaws? Such as even if this is the "standard" truth about how this wine should pair and taste is that really a universal truth? Can something so perceptive based have a universal truth? We don't think so and we also think that's the aesthetic to wine, a gerrymandering of experience that no one attains and even though we burn money on bottles we happily do so because it's really a long put into a future bottle that we got "lucky" on and had another experience that pierced the time veil. 

 - Winecoon, a Raconteur Racoon

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